Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Nutribullet - The Game Changer

Although I’ve had an unused juicer in my cupboard for years, the Nutribullet was a game changer for me.
Here’s how I do it:

I start with two tablespoons of whole flaxseed and grind it fresh for five seconds.
Then I scoop up a giant amount of “greens” (mostly spinach) that I buy in big bags from Costco.

I add about five florets of broccoli or some other cruciferous vegetable (kale, cabbage, cauliflower).

I almost always add a small carrot too unless I am making room for some other vegetables.

For a sweetener I use any fruit but please note that this is a vegetable smoothie not a fruit smoothie. Fruit should be chewed and enjoyed like candy.

Add Water. I use the largest cup that Nutribullet has.


Reopen and add some protein powder. I am currently using Costco’s Organic Plant Based Protein Powder, chocolate flavor. Yes, chocolate because chocolate is a plant and it mixes well with vegetable flavors.

Mix again briefly with the protein without creating froth.


Then find a good mirror and look for immediate health changes. Smile. Feel good. Bask in the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, prebiotic (not probiotic) bliss.

Repeat daily for the rest of your life.

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